On Borneo, our team works primarily on educational projects for children from remote villages affected by extreme poverty. In addition, we support local smallholders by selling FairTrade pepper.

Projects of the nehemia team Borneo


In 14 remote villages in West Kalimantan, Borneo, the nehemia team now looks after Montessori kindergartens on site. The support ranges from financial aid to construction and maintenance costs, method training of the staff and material procurement.

Competence Training

Our team offers training in the Montessori methodology for educators, and health education, seminars and youth camps for communities. Training in Montessori pedagogy is not only available for kindergarten staff who are supervised by us, but also for anyone interested in further training in the subject. 

Small Business Development

Borneo is a beautiful island whose inhabitants are confronted with extreme poverty in many places. To support local village development, we help local farmers sell FairTrade pepper so that the proceeds reach those who deserve it.


nehemia Origins Borneo

News from Borneo

MONTESSORI IN MELINGKAT – an interview with Ibu Luisa

From the deforestation of the rainforest, the protection of species, the poverty of the population to natural disasters and corruption - Borneo is struggling with a long list of problems that can only be tackled bit by bit in international cooperation. There are many...

Rumble Through The Jungle

In September, a team with Hans Heidelberger, Florentina Kuhs, Peter Friedrich, Jonathan Ziegler and Niels Brande (Denmark) set up to visit the Montessori kindergartens of the nehemia team   with the Dayaks in various villages in the jungle and to create photo and...

YMCA Leutershausen Journey Where the Pepper Grows 

In August a team of young people from the YMCA in Leutershausen (Heidi‘s home town) visited Borneo. Every one of them was involved last year helping with the charity bike race and wanted to get to know the place where Wolfgang and Heidi Oelschlegel and the Nehemiah...

Dayaks in Fürth’s Town Hall

A delegation of "Dayaks" (indigenous people from Borneo) was welcomed by Mayor Dr. Thomas Jung in the Fürth Town Hall. Part of this delegation of Indonesian local politicians were the nehemia employees Wolfgang Oelschlegel and Deckhy Gedeon. Fürth's local politicians...

Terima Kasih – A Big Thank you, Leutershausen!

On July 29th, in brilliant sunshine, the 9th Annual Bike Race through the old town center of Leutershausen began. This year this charity event was for the support of the Nehemia Team in the Indonesian part of Borneo. Within a few hours, 51 sponsored teams covered more...

Indonesia merdeka!

Indonesia is free! During the annual Independence celebrations, this is the usual greeting. The people celebrate with parades and national songs ... and above all, with all sorts of competitive activities. A nine-member German outreach team with Norbert Knöll and...