Giving young people a chance

We are looking for sponsors for our projects with children and young people in India, Kenya and Thailand. They enable a child or adolescent to escape the cycle of poverty and to receive a sustainable foundation for life with a good education and a new perspective on life.

For a monthly amount of 40 Euro you finance the stay of a child or adolescent in one of our facilities (in full-time or part-time depending on the project) including school education. You will receive personal information and pictures of “your” sponsored child. A sponsorship can be terminated at any time without notice and without giving reasons.


Extreme poverty, lack of training opportunities for young people, migration to the cities, corruption, terrorism, AIDS and malaria – the news from Africa is the same over the years. 

The nehemia team supports children and adolescents in the Miwani Center and selected children and adolescents of the surrounding villages with a sponsorship program: For them this means a real perspective for the future.


The Dalits are at the lowest level in the Indian caste system. As “untouchables”, they are exposed to multiple disadvantages and usually live on the fringes of Indian society. In order to guarantee that the children’s needs are taken care of, the nehemia team has established a sponsorship program to support these children. In order to further develop and promote their personality, a kindergarten and a school have been set up in the centre.


Human trafficking and child prostitution are still a problem in Thailand. The Home of Blessing in Chiang Kham offers endangered girls a school education, practical guidance and an environment that promotes healthy physical, mental and emotional development. In this way, the young women become bearers of hope for Thailand’s future. This project is co-financed by sponsorships from the nehemia team.

Sponsor a child


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