In September, a team with Hans Heidelberger, Florentina Kuhs, Peter Friedrich, Jonathan Ziegler and Niels Brande (Denmark) set up to visit the Montessori kindergartens of the nehemia team


with the Dayaks in various villages in the jungle and to create photo and video material. Wolfgang Oelschlegel, who has been living on Borneo with his wife Heidi for several years now and is supervising and developing the kindergartens, acted as the “guide”. This adventurous journey left a lasting impression on the team – not least because they were shown the drastic rainforest destruction in this formerly natural area. Over 50% of Borneo’s tropical rainforest has been destroyed. Everywhere the team encountered huge palm oil plantations. The beauty of Borneo is not only threatened, it is destroyed in many areas, with all the negative consequences for the local Dayak population but also for the global climate.