Our motto is “Helping others grow”. We offer a wide range of activities worldwide in the areas of education, social charitable projects, training, Christian teaching, counselling, youth work and relief services. Our core competence, which we apply particularly in the international fields of activity, is “Capacity Development”. By this we mean the ability to sustainably promote the holistic development of people, organizations and groups of people.

As an international development organisation, we want above all to enable a young generation, inspired by Jesus Christ, to live independent lives with a positive vision and a new quality of life. 



Our actions affect many different aspects of personal as well as public life. Therefore our commitment is not limited to the Christian community, but is also directed to the needs of society. For us, a person with his or her physical, psychological and spiritual needs has priority.


Our actions are based on relationships characterized by trust, value and respect. Others get to know us and our motivation in an attitude of mutual openness and transparency. We value teamwork in our projects. In this context, we also try to be sensitive to cultural differences.

Active participation

We are committed to meeting the challenges of suffering, poverty, discrimination and social injustice by investing in young people in a respectful, encouraging and supportive manner and by addressing their concerns. In doing so, we seek creative solutions to fight the hardships in this world.


We are ready to venture new things in our commitment. We welcome a pioneering spirit that courageously inspires and initiates new ideas. In the process, we also like to depart from the beaten track.


Together we can achieve what we as individuals are not capable of. Knowing our personal limitations, we seek international and intercultural complementation within the “Nehemiah International Network” and beyond. We are happy to cooperate with other organizations.


In 1987, a handful of young men and women around John MacFarlane and Hans Heidelberger plucked up courage to realize a dream and create a meeting platform for Christians from different denominations and congregations. The nehemia team association was founded in Fürth, Germany. Initially, the nehemia team was particularly committed to promoting regional networking of church congregations and to encouraging cross-community initiatives by cooperating in a complementary way. This commitment led to the cooperation of different churches, Christian initiatives and organisations in the area of Northern Bavaria. In the first ten years the nehemia team mainly focused on this region but in the 1990s its commitment also expanded internationally.

In the following years, relief and training projects were carried out in a large number of countries on all continents of the world. Organizations and initiatives with a similar orientation have emerged. Here the commitment of John and Jean Krueger, who joined the nehemia team in 1993, played an important role. Not only has the nehemia team’s radius of action expanded considerably, the variety of projects has as well. The commitment to the needy and the destitute has expanded. What began with a dream of a few young people has developed into a dimension and diversity of which none of the founders dared to dream at the beginning. Since then, tens of thousands of people in Germany and many parts of the world have benefited from it.