A small team visited the heartland of Borneo in April 2016: Hans Heidelberger with Thomas Tschaftary, Katrin Albang and Claudia Schweyer, accompanied by Wolfgang and Heidi Oelschlegel, who are leading a school boarding house in Sanggau since several years.

Once again the group recognized the importance of a good education for young people in this part of the world. The team of mostly young co-workers provides more than quality education. They assist over 100 young people, providing a good social fellowship and helping them master the manifold problems of coming of age. After this visit the team travelled into the jungle, paying visits to remote villages, among them the nehemia model kindergarten in Mellinkat and further projects of nehemia team.

It was downright depressing to see that in the last years about 50.000 hectare of palm oil plantations have been planted within a relatively small area. Through the destruction of the original rain forest lots of endangered species like Orang Utans lost their living environment. Indigenous people are forced to abandon their traditional way of life and become drudges in the plantations. A whole region is changing dramatically – with consequences for the climate that go far beyond the borders of Borneo. Nehemia team tries to help young people there to master these drastic changes and thus become white hope for their homeland.