Human trafficking and child prostitution in Thailand are unfortunately still among the acute dangers to which girls from poor backgrounds in particular are exposed. The nehemia team in the north of Thailand addresses this problem and offers endangered girls and their families real alternatives through education, support and educational work

Capital: Bangkok
Size: 513,115 sq km
Population: ca. 69,52 Mio.
Location: Chiang Kham
Team Leader Sayan & Noi Kusavadee
Language: Thai

Aid Projects of nehemia team Thailand

Home of Blessing

The Home of Blessing is a center for girls aged between 6 and 18 who can live on this protected area during their school days. The focus is on girls from poor backgrounds and those in danger of being abused or sold. They are supported here and are given a higher school education. Character and self-confidence are strengthened and a solid foundation for their future life is created.


The girls in the Home of Blessing receive not only a good education and practical guidance, but also an environment that promotes healthy physical, mental and emotional development. In this way, the young women become bearers of hope for Thailand’s future. This project is co-financed by sponsorships through the nehemia team.


Many parents and girls know little about the dangers of prostitution, human trafficking or the consequences of a lack of education. The team visits the villages in the north of Thailand in order to support families there. Education and the development of healthy alternatives is essential in order to improve the living conditions of families and children in the long term.

Competence Training

Employee training, educational seminars and various training courses for young people and teams take place all year round. In addition, there is support for people in management positions, especially in church congregations. 

Thailand Videos – nehemia origins

News from Thailand

News from the Home of Blessing

News from the Home of Blessing

The new school year in Thailand started in May. This time there are 80 girls, who are attending neighboring schools while living and sharing their lives on the Home of Blessing’s compound. The ‘newcomers’ have settled in and made friends by now. Nikki, one of the...

Discovery Trip to Thailand

Discovery Trip to Thailand

The girls, scantily clad, are positioned like cheap goods outside one bar after another. This was one of the first impressions to hit the eight-member team of young adults who went with Hans Heidelberger to Thailand on a two-week discovery trip. They found themselves...

Human Dignity is Inviolable – a song project of God’s VIPs

Human dignity is inviolable (Article 1 of the German Constitution) – The value of a person cannot be infringed upon. The songwriter Jo Jasper, from Nürnberg, took a trip to Thailand, looking for answers to the question of the value and dignity of a human being. Based...

Girls Care Project in Thailand

Girls Care Project in Thailand

After a doctor performed an emergency operation to save the life of a 13-year-old girl who had been massively abused in a brothel, Pastor Sayan Kusavadee and his wife Siriporn took her into their home. This was the start of a project that has given hundreds of girls...

Forced Prostitution in Thailand

Forced Prostitution in Thailand

Year after year innumerable young girls from North Thailand and the surrounding countries are sold into prostitution. Bangkok, Pattaya and other centres of sex tourism, brothels and massage parlours in Japan, Germany and elsewhere are in constant need of “fresh goods”...