The new school year in Thailand started in May. This time there are 80 girls, who are attending neighboring schools while living and sharing their lives on the Home of Blessing’s compound. The ‘newcomers’ have settled in and made friends by now.

Nikki, one of the Kusavedee family’s daughters, received her degree in English language and offered to work for one year in the ‘Girls Care Project’: a real boost for the work! In addition to extra English lessons, she is offering workshops on Saturdays. There she helps the girls to discover and develop individual skills and preferences like arts, cooking, cosmetics and many more. The girls enjoy this kind of interactive learning – it’s so much more than just an addition to lessons at school.

Just as in the previous years, rice has been planted during the wet season on the fields of Home of Blessing. Now we can’t wait to see how much crop it will yield. The harvested crops are not only used for self-supply but have developed into a small source of income and support for the Home of Blessing – just as the big organic vegetable garden that is lovingly cared for by Siriporn or “Mom Noi” as the girls love to call her. They are also experimenting with new methods of cultivation, such as “Upside-Down Gardening”. The results are amazing –lots of delicious chili, tomatoes, different kinds of vegetables and even strawberries.

Living and working together is resulting in close and intensive relationships among the girls. In small groups they use to share their personal concerns, they pray for and help each other. For them, friendship is a priceless value.