For several years the nehemia team has supported a unique project near Prokopjewsk in Siberia. Three years ago it enabled the purchase of an empty factory and office building that has been gradually developed since then.

In 2018 this social centre was continually developed further. This multi-generational project meanwhile accommodates almost 80 people who have sought – and found – a refuge here for many different reasons. Addicts, mothers with children, physically handicapped, homeless, young, old, men, women – very different sorts of people come to the Help Centre as their last refuge.

Each resident has his own story of how he came to the centre. Recently a drunk woman ran in front of the car of a staff member. Afterwards she asked him for help. She has now just successfully completed the rehabilitation programme. Her 15 year-old daughter has meanwhile moved in with her, after leaving her alcoholic father. She is now receiving special support to help her overcome her problems at school. Another woman came from the tuberculosis sanatorium to the centre. After finishing her treatment at the sanatorium she did not know where to go. Her children did not help her, a number of relatives did not know where she was and others had simply given up on her. She was helped to obtain new documents and her pension. She is now doing the rehabilitation course and beginning to restore relationships to her family.

The small team of staff look after every resident in a commiteed and loving way. Many experience after a long time – or for the first time ever – what it means to be treated with respect and dignity and to be loved.