In September, our dear friend Juri Reasanov died of cancer in Krasnoyarsk/Siberia. For many years, he had been one of the pillars of our Siberian Nehemiah Team in Krasnoyarsk. For many people, especially for the young, he was not only a fatherly role model but also conveyed counsel and orientation to a multitude of people in different regions in Russia, hosting seminars on marriage and relationship together with his wife Natasha.

In him, we lost a dear friend and brother, a loving, caring, prudent and faithful ‘father in Christ’. His passionate commitment, especially for people in crisis, did good, to many and left wholesome traces in many a life. Yes, we know about resurrection and this awareness is comforting – but at the same time, we are very sad that Juri is no longer among us. I’ll never forget his great hospitality, our intense talks and many a nice hour at his “dacha”.

Hans Heidelberger