For over a week almost 40 co-workers of the various teams of International Nehemiah Network met in Thailand. People from 14 different nations – a colorful mix of language and culture. Interaction of the (very) different cultures was one of the central themes. During an interactive “workshop on cultures” lasting several days many experienced their “light bulb moments”. Small groups were working out solutions for different situations, the intense interaction resulting in better appreciation for the other’s culture.

A comprehensive understanding of cultures is essential for a smooth cooperation within an international network. Everyone quickly recognized the importance of defining and counteracting the deficits in their own culture. It’s our goal to discover and understand more and more of the necessity to develop a “Jesus culture” defining our collaboration.

Further work priorities were child protection procedures, the question of how to better support and develop young people in our projects and the development of Montessori kindergartens within the international Nehemiah Network. There also were lots of opportunities for personal meetings, spiritual input, lots of fun… and once again we were pampered by our wonderful Thai hosts, enjoying all kinds of “creature comforts “ and great culinary provision.


International coordinators appointed

We have appointed coordinators for the following main areas of work within the international work:


Peter Mountain (NZ):                     area „Child Protection “

Tanja Machabeli (UA):                   area „Montessori Kindergarten “

Elke Feld (GER):                               area „Intercultural Cooperation “

Thomas Tschaftary (GER):            area „Business Development “


The coordinators will help to develop the above-mentioned areas within the network and to implement them within the teams.