“Rebuilding a generation after God’s own heart” is written over the entrance to the Nehemiah Miwani Centre near Kisumu in Kenya. It is also the motto of the Nehemiah Team there. Nancy Cherono is a representative of that new generation, which has grown up in the Miwani Centre. Here are some of her experiences.

I’m Nancy – Nancy Cherono, to be exact. I was born in a small rural village in west Kenya. My Dad died when I was still very young. My Mum found a job as a housemaid and became the provider for the family. Because of her unfailing efforts to make sure that we children could at least go to primary school, I was in the fortunate position to reach the 8th Class and because of my good performance, I also qualified to go to High School. 

Unfortunately my mother didn’t have enough money to pay the rather high school fees, but, through a friend of the family, I came into contact with the Nehemiah Family. I was given the amazing privilege to be taken in there and Nehemiah International took responsibility for my educational expenses for High School. I was also accepted into their training program. In the Nehemiah Miwani Centre not only were my school fees paid, but also my living expenses and I was treated as one of their own children. 

For me, the Nehemiah Family is now my family and will always remain so. 

I consider that I have been especially blessed by the opportunity that Nehemiah offered me. Where I come from education is an unreachable luxury when a family cannot afford school fees. The attitude of most families towards you as a girl, is that is enough to feed you, put a roof over your head and give you a few clothes. After that you should grow up as fast as possible, get married and start your own family. Your dowry is eagerly awaited, so it often happens that you will be married shortly after your first monthly period. I was fortunate to have a mother who worked untiringly as a housemaid, to carry us through. I don’t know where I would be without her and the Nehemiah Miwani Centre. 

For me, my time in the Miwani Centre was an utter blessing. It was a time where my trust and confidence grew. John and Jean Krueger helped me to develop a relationship with Jesus. Living in the Nehemiah community, has formed me and made me a responsible young woman. On the Nehemiah farm, the training in dairy production, the work in the vegetable garden and helping in the small clinic, before and after college, all played a part in this. 

Afterwards I qualified as a Clinical Officer in the Kenya Medical College. 

Today I’m working for a well-known NGO in a hospital. I married a work colleague in 2017 and I’m the happy mother of a boy.