As part of their refugee work, the Nehemia Team has been offering German language classes since the beginning of this year. Four women between 45 and 53 years of age, two from Ethiopia and two from Pakistan, are attending the beginner’s course, sometimes joined by Mitku, a young Ethiopian Marathon runner who is a successful team member of a Fürth based track & field team.

They are all very enthusiastic about learning and would come to class everyday if that was possible. They find it much easier to learn together then trying alone in their living quarters. As their applications for asylum have not yet been finalized, the German government does not grant them official language courses. So the opportunity to learn German with the Nehemia Team is greatly appreciated, especially as the tutors also help the participants to find their way around and master the challenges of everyday life in a new environment.

„Teaching them is a challenge, as each day I have to find new ways of explaining German grammar, but it is also great fun especially as we together find pictures that symbolize language structure and help the participants memorize and apply it“ says Birgit Finster, one of the tutors and a teacher by profession. Both the beginners’ course and one for advanced learners will run until January. Then new courses will be started for new participants.