The Nehemiah Team is looking for kindergartens and elementary schools in the region of Franconia who are interested in running a special, week-long project with the theme “How children live in other places – What do you know about Borneo?“  Through this program the children connect with the lives of children around the world – and have a lot of fun in the process. In spite of living very different lives, they can, in a way, encounter children from other cultures and work together towards a better world. A Nehemia Team worker will visit the kindergarten or school and present a unit. Using hand-puppets and lots of pictures, she talks about the daily life and living conditions of a child in Borneo. Games and songs are integral to the program. The teacher receives additional resources at the end of the presentation so she can continue with the subject; for example, stories to read aloud to the children, pictures to colour, patterns to make fabric dolls for the children in Borneo. In return, the Nehemia Team would appreciate a donation to cover the costs of the resources and towards building kindergartens in isolated villages in the rainforests of Borneo.

Anyone who is interested should contact the Nehemia Team.