Way back in 2008 we started a multicultural children’s program in Gostenhof, a suburb of Nürnberg. It had an emphasis on learning-by-doing and was called “GoKick” (Gostenhofer Kinder Club) In September 2012 we added a teenagers’ group, GoTeens. The GoKick group meets once a week in a park, or, when the weather is bad, in a gymnasium. There are exciting games, songs and input on selected themes. Normally we can expect between 10 and 30 children, aged 5 to 12 years, from families who live in the neighbourhood. This area is known for its many foreigners, poverty, poor education, high unemployment, language difficulties and social integration issues. Our workers are investing their time and effort there to offer children and families a new perspective for their often dismal daily existence. We share Christian values, which help the children to lead a responsible life and to experience personal growth. They learn to make good use of their leisure time and to treat one another with respect. This includes how to communicate and resolve conflict without resorting to violence. Strengthening their self-worth is important, as is discovering their abilities and personal strengths. The children have the opportunity to improve their German too. A further goal is to show them love and recognition, to let them know that they are important and accepted, irrespective of their social circumstances. The teenagers from this area have a youth group, GoTeens, where they have the opportunity, along with spiritual input, to talk, cook and do creative activities. It is impressive to see how this has developed since 2008. Many children identify themselves with the team and show great trust in our workers and leaders – and so do their parents, too.