This was the motto of our seminar for multipliers that took place on 19 October 2019 with 45 participants. They experienced an intensive and challenging workshop that demonstrated the importance and urgency of sustainable reconciliation and peace work. The main aim was to show steps that lead to reconciled and trusting relationships between hostile ethnic and population groups. The speakers Evan & Maala Thomas (leader of a messianic Jewish community in Netanya) and Nihad & Salwa Salman (leader of a Palestinian community in Bethlehem) as well as staff members of the Philippus ministry provided essential impulses. They reported a lot about their experiences, their own history and their friendly cooperation today.

The day ended with the challenging question of who wanted to become a “connector and bridge builder” in a creative way. We as nehemia team are open for ideas and initiatives which build bridges of peace and encounters between hostile ethnic groups in our country as well, e.g. Turks/Kurds, Syrians/Iranians, Russians/Ukrainians, Jews/Arabs, in order to point out only some of the areas of tension. Also in our own society, fractures, ditches and walls are becoming more and more obvious.