The Nehemia Team has responded to the isolation and the needs of asylum-seekers by opening a café in rooms owned by the Lutheran Church in Hasenbuck, Nürnberg This began in December 2014 with a weekly meeting on Thursdays at 4.30pm. Asylum-seekers from the community-run accommodation come to the now-bustling café along with volunteer helpers. They can form friendships and receive information about things like German language courses, or second-hand shops. The asylum-seekers can connect with people who will help them with practical issues such as finding an apartment, filling out official forms, etc. We have regular highlights, such as barbeques with Iraqi, Syrian or Ethiopian families, or cooking together. Since February 2015 we have two German language courses and a bicycle repair shop, that restores used bikes for refugees. Anyone who would like to donate a usable, second-hand bike, or anyone who would like to help in the café, please contact the Nehemia office.