Dear Friends in the Nehemiah International Network
On July 18th, 2023 John Krueger passed away in Seattle/USA. Significantly, it
was on Father’s Day, as he became a father figure or fatherly friend and companion to many in our nehemia network.
Especially in the 1990s and early 2000s John was shaping our nehemia team.
Together with his wife Jean, he has invested much time and heart in mentoring young people here in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg as well as in
Ukraine and Kenya. His commitment to “God’s VIP’s” (a term he loved very
much) led him to disadvantaged people in many countries of this world. In
doing so, he was always a great encourager, often backing up his counterpart
and giving him the feeling that he could overcome even difficult situations. In
his humorous way, John was a good advisor with his diverse life experience,
who gave people confidence and often knew how to awaken hidden potential. At the same time, he was willing and curious to discover new things, to
learn and to change, even into old age. In this too, he was a great role model
for many of us.
His deep trust in Jesus sustained him throughout his life, motivating him and
giving him strength, not least in the last months of his life. Now, as the apostle Paul would say, he has completed his “race”. We say goodbye to a faithful
pioneer and friend, who in many ways has shaped, inspired and enriched our
nehemia team and with it many people and our Nehemiah International Network. For all these good traces we are and remain grateful to John from the
bottom of our hearts.
Yours Hans Heidelberger