Ever since war broke out in March 2014, the Ukrainian nehemia team has played a vital role in the region of Transcarpathia, tackling the diverse humanitarian challenges the region faces due to the influx of refugees from Eastern Ukraine.

Care packages, temporary housing in the nehemia team center, camps for children, reconciliation meetings, civil service support, psychological care, vocational training and support in employment are only a few of the ways the nehemia team was able to assist and engage in providing support for an array of needs. They were able to help more than 1,500 people over the past two and a half years, some of whom are now friends, partners and colleagues.

It is such a great joy to see Christian as well as non-Christian organizations, including the local government, working closely together and sharing their resources for the common goal of overcoming this great crisis. (According to official statistics there are two million displaced persons in the Ukraine. Furthermore, the war currently accounts for 10,000 casualties and 25,000 wounded.)