The year 2020 was the year of “shaking” for our team in Ukraine.

It was a difficult year for so many. Here in Ukraine, Covid has brought much hardship and suffering to families and communities. Many of us on staff at Nehemiah have fallen ill with Covid. One of our beloved preschool teachers even passed away last month after seemingly recovering from it. We grieve with our community, but we also want to thank from the bottom of our hearts everyone who has generously donated to get us through this year. With your help, and also through some grants we were able to receive, we were able to survive this year and help more than 800 local families.

Despite all that is going on in the world, we were able to complete our new school building and all the training. Now we will be able to open an inclusive school (open to children of all abilities) next year (2021). We hope that with the new curricula we are developing, we will not only be able to teach children, but also provide training for teachers, parents, social workers, and church officials – all who will impact future generations with imperishable values. Our goal is to reach children from marginalized groups (with special needs, orphans, from Roma communities, poor families) with quality education and give them the chance to succeed in life, to find and live their vocation. We look to our future with hope and faith and ask you to continue to support us!

Thank you again for joining us in 2020 and for all your prayers and generous help!!!! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas. God bless you in 2021!