After months of filling out applications, poring over figures and drafting concepts, our applications for financial support have been approved. Thank God!

The “Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation” and “Aktion Mensch” have officially approved the funding. We were also able to prove the 26% own funds that we have to provide together with the Ukrainian team for financing. Many thanks to all those who have pledged their support or have already made financial resources available. The way is now clear for the education offensive.

About 8000 children in need of support currently have no access to inclusive primary school classes, because teachers and other multipliers have no additional qualifications in the field of child-oriented and inclusive pedagogy in Transcarpathia. 2160 of these children are placed in state homes and some in special institutions for the disabled. Among them there are 270 orphans. In addition, there are 380 orphans and social orphans in foster families, who bring deficits from the homes and are also in need of support.

Bildungsinitiative Ukraine

The Ukrainian government needs partners like the Ukrainian nehemia team. This will make the reform efforts in the field of education for disadvantaged children from marginalized groups much more effective. In addition, the large state-run homes for orphans and children with disabilities can gradually be closed.

In the building of the nehemia team, the “Center for Child-Oriented Education, Inclusion and Social Services” is now being built, which will continue after the project period of three years. Thus, qualified staff and international experts will conduct training courses for about 700 educators, social workers and caregivers as well as 270 foster parents. In 2021, 120 educators and 90 foster parents will already be trained. Two summer camps for foster parents have already taken place. This is a real benefit for the educators and foster parents and especially for the children who benefit. Both sides, government and nehemia team, plan to sign a “memorandum of understanding” soon. This year, renovations will also be made to the building to make it effectively usable for the project.

Tanja, the head of the Ukrainian nehemia team, and all her colleagues are highly motivated and started with the project immediately after the approval: “We are so happy that it can finally start!