Of the 1,100 children that took part in the nehemia summer camp this year, approximately 170 were refugee children and orphans due to the war. Additionally 160 orphaned children living in foster families or foster homes participated. We very much want to thank all those who supported these children through their donations and made it possible to send these children to summer camp for free.

The fun experienced at these “Explorer Camps” can hardly be described. Many of the younger staff were participants themselves only a few years ago, and now they are role models of Christian values for younger children. The camp program which includes Bible stories, language classes, sports, crafts, games and getting to know the various cultures of this earth, benefits from our international staff.

A sincere thank you to all that volunteered from abroad or joined with volunteer teams to support this great opportunity. Throughout the year many of the children join our monthly events such as creative workshops, handicrafts, cooking and baking, sports, and museum or theater visits, only to name a few.