Uzhgorod/Ukraine: The nehemia team is supporting the project of the Ukrainian nehemia team to start an elementary school in Uzhgorod in 2018 which is based upon Montessori pedagogy.

Target groups are especially children from marginal groups: Roma families, orphans, children with disabilities and behavioural problems and refugees from Eastern Ukraine.

Furthermore, the school will serve as a model enabling other private and public schools to teach inclusive and child oriented education. This way children who usually experience disadvantages or total exclusion from the education system gain access to a proper elementary education which will allow them to visit secondary schools. Furthermore, their chances on the job market rise together with the possibility to make their own living.

Children, parents, teachers and the society as a whole will be positively sensitized for diversion and prejudices will be reduced. To make the construction project happen, the German nehemia team has applied for financial support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation for 2018.