Several aid shipments from Franconia made their way to Ukraine again this summer.

We are so grateful that Avid & Hanni Feldhoff of „Oase Hersbruck“ and Friedrich Dorsch of „Lasst uns gehen“ in Heiligenstatt and their staff make these shipments possible again and again. Thanks to them we were able to send things like school furniture, hospital equipment, wheel chairs, matrasses, toys and household supplies to Uzhgorod once more.

Many poor families, refugees of war, family community homes for orphans and disabled people and also a hospital in Velikiy Berezniy that hasn’t received new equipment since 1970 benefitted from the shipments. We were also able to send a donated tent for the camps for children in the Nehemia Center to the Ukranian team.

This is the impression one of our German drivers had when he visited the hospital: „It was devastating to see the conditions under which the patients are being treated and accommodated. The budget they have for medical care per patient is 1 € a day. A nurse makes about 100 € a month, a doctor 200 €. The building looks disgraceful, tiles fall off, the walls and ceilings crumble and the windows are leaking. Beds and matrasses are ancient, dirty and worn-out, there are no wardrobes to store private items in the rooms, all furniture is in bad condition as are the rooms for treatment and the equipment. They are lacking everything. These were the impressions we got before we headed back.“

The local offices helped a lot with the distribution. More deliveries of aid materials have been planned, after all the Ukraine remains a war zone in Europe and still needs our support. According to locals the situation won’t improve much as long as the war is still going on since the majority of finances is still going towards the war zone in the east of the country.

Being torn between the world powers’ appetite for power and the interests of the EU the country will only calm down slowly. As always, those suffering the most are the poorest members of the population. Support like this will be necessary for a long time.

Much is happening – a big chance for the nehemia team in Uzhgorod to shape and change their country in a positive way.