A very special project began in a small village near Prokopyevsk in 2011. It began in order to support single mothers who had no place to live. Two babies came into the world in that same year. The organization “Helpcenter” was officially registered in July 2014. The work has grown continually, along with the number of people being helped. Now drug addicts, alcoholics, homeless people, physically handicapped and other needy individuals havejoined them. The purpose of this project is to help people both spiritually and practically. The first steps involve accommodation, clothing, personal documentation, getting the family together and counselling. Medical help is often required too.

For people just released from prison and the homeless a special group has been formed. At the moment nine elderly, homeless people are being cared for. A program for male addicts is being offered. Work therapy is an important part of this. Repairs and maintenance, renovation, building and farming. They can obtain a driver’s licence and some have become involved with caring for the elderly. Over 100 people have received help in different ways since the project began.

In December 2014, with assistance from the German Nehemia Team, a large house was purchased and bit by bit it was renovated and occupied. The formerly cramped conditions have been relieved and it is now possible to help a larger number of people. Future plans include: three large rooms for 18-20 handicapped people and the elderly, two rooms to accommodate four mothers and their children, two rooms for 12-16 people in the rehabilitation program, a canteen, school or seminar room, a sick bay, two rooms for staff, a meeting room for church services and other meetings. Soon a kindergarten, vehicle repair shop, taxi service and sewing room will be added. These activities will help to cover the basic living costs of the residents as well as for building maintenance, training programs and so on. The staff consists of a team of eight. All of them have been through rehabilitation in the past, have experienced personal restoration and are able to help others. They have qualifications in welding, motor mechanics, sewing, cooking, care of children, building and renovation work. They are united by their love for other people who are in need.