As reported before, the nehemia team has received a grant from the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) for a school in Karachi/ Pakistan. In the meantime, our Pakistani partnering team was able to acquire a suitable building for the school. After completion of renovations that have already begun, 125 children, most of whom are living in severe poverty, will have the opportunity to visit pre-/ and elementary school next spring.

Quality education and values create the necessary foundation for the people’s future, while at the same time battling radicalization and migration to Europe caused by poverty. Considering the living situation of many of “our children” in Pakistan, this often-used argument becomes all the more significant. Our Pakistani colleague, John, has gathered a few, nearly unbelievable stories of these children:

Ruth has been paralyzed since birth. Her impoverished parents never even dreamed of sending their daughter to school for a good education. The nehemia team visited the parents, organized a wheelchair and gave Ruth the chance to go to school. She is now in the 5th grade and has not missed a day of school since beginning. Her dream: I want to be a doctor one day!

Bernard is half-orphan. His father died when he was only two years old. His mother barely earns a living washing dishes and doing the laundry for families. Bernard is the best in his class and has great ambitions: Opening a school himself someday to offer children free education.

The parents cried and Jessica was afraid. After being diagnosed with cancer, she thought she wouldn’t have long to live. The poor family sold their scarce belongings to be able to pay for treatment, and eventually Jessica got better. But the family‘s little recourses were now all gone. They had no money left to send their daughter to school. That however didn‘t change Jessica‘s profound wish to go to back school, so she could have a better future. The Nehemiah Team staff in Pakistan witnessed her struggle to survive firsthand. When they found out about this girl’s deep desire for education, they decided to make this dream of hers come true. She was provided with a school uniform, books and other school material and has now been able to visit one of our schools for the past three years for free.