With the support of the German nehemia team and funding from the German Federal Government, the „Mehran Public School“ was established and inaugurated in one of Karachi‘s poorest districts in August 2017. This district of Mehran Town, located on the outskirts of Karachi, is home to about 1,200 primary school-aged children.

Until recently there had only been one private school there, which was affordable only for a few families, due to high school fees and the cost of books and other school supplies. The average family income here is 80-100 USD per month. Since there was also no local state school, 60% of children had no opportunity to attend school.

This changed when the school‘s regular operation, led by the Pakistani nehemia team (Nehemiah Trust Pakistan), began one year ago. Meanwhile, 132 girls and boys who had been denied access to education now attend lessons held by qualified teachers. The people in this poor neighborhood are extremely grateful for this free offer. The Pakistani nehemia teams managed to gain the trust of the local authorities, which had a positive effect on the approval procedures. The regional school authorities are very satisfied with the school and its management. 

The Mehran Public School has brought new hope to the lives of many underprivileged and marginalized people in this neighborhood in Mehran Town. The school will play an important role in reducing the illiteracy rate and thus greatly contributes to the development of society in this region.

The final financial audit of this project by the German Federal Government was also successfully completed this year. 

We would like to thank all those who have helped start this school through their donations.