Extreme poverty, lack of educational opportunities for the young, migration to the cities, corruption, terrorism, AIDS and malaria – reports from Africa seem to remain the same year after year.  Convinced that there is still hope, when individual people begin to think differently and to act accordingly, John Krueger joined forces with two Kenyans, Michael Ndeda and Benjamin Ochieng, to establish Nehemiah International Kenya in Kisumu. Their dream was to establish an educational and training centre in which youth and young adults would be encouraged to grow in every way – the Miwani Center. Wolfgang and Heidi Oelschlegel joined the team in 2000 and developed the work on-site over the following years. During that time a farm and agricultural training centre were built on former wasteland, with an emphasis on dairy farming. The Miwani Center extended their support for the local people with a small bakery, a shop and small medical station on-site. In the meantime the entire project has come to be led completely by Kenyan staff who live there with the “trainees” and several orphans. The Nehemia Team supports the children and youth of the Miwani Center as well as selected children and youth from the surrounding villages through a sponsorship program, providing a solid education and proper provision of their daily needs – offering a real hope and a future.