Last May, Michael Dorsch and I returned from a visit to our farm project in Kenya – the Miwani Center outside Kisumu on the shores of Lake Victoria. We spent one full week together with the local leadership team and our American partners, brainstorming and strategizing how to best support this project that empowers African children and young adults for their future.

We came back encouraged from our trip – after some challenging times in the last years, the African team has moved the project forward in many good ways. A group of young, motivated people from different tribes has committed themselves to the project and to a new generation of young Kenyans. In addition to a small dairy, an orchard and other farming activities the project includes a farm holiday program, a bakery and a mini market. In all these areas, the young adults in the program can acquire knowledge and skills for their future. Others are still attending high school or are studying. On the farm compound there is also a small clinic that offers basic medical care to the people from the surrounding villages – most of them cannot afford a trip to town, let alone the cost of treatment in a private or even public hospital.

This project that creates opportunities for young Africans in their own country appears even more important when taking into account the huge numbers of refugees coming to Europe from Africa. It is also a great example of a place where a substantial number of young people have had good life experiences – a good childhood, being taught good values, receiving a good education. I was very excited to be able to meet some of these young people whose lives have been radically transformed, in line with the project motto: “rebuilding a generation after God’s own heart.” Their gratefulness for the opportunity they have been given by being sponsored in the project and their enthusiasm to make a difference in their realm of influence are equally inspiring.

We are urgently looking for new sponsors so that a further ten more children/young adults can have this opportunity. Monthly costs (including food, accommodation, clothing, school fees, books and stationery, insurance etc.) currently average at about 70 Euros per month.

Our request: Would you consider taking up a sponsorship of 40 Euros per month? In this way, two individuals/families/church groups … would “share” a sponsored child. Would you also talk to others and encourage them to consider helping a young Kenyan in this way, giving him a real chance for his future. – Isn’t that a good investment!

Thank you so much.

Best wishes,

Hans Heidelberger