In December Hans Heidelberger met with the direction of “Nehemiah International Kenya” and Greg Livdahl & Dr. Ernie Franz from “Nehemiah International USA” in Kisumu / Kenya.

It became clear that the “Miwani Project” in its existing form, due to some mistakes from the past, has no future prospects. Together, they developed a fundamentally new concept with “Miwani 2.0”. The establishment of a “Community Life Center” is intended to further develop the region there, in particular to sustainably improve the future prospects of children and adolescents. This includes a support program for Kenyan children and adolescents, a medical start-up center, the development and support of various social business projects and a vibrant church community.

In order for the restart to succeed, we ask for donations to be able to pay off financial “legacies” of our Kenyan friends in the amount of 5000 EUR. (Donation password: “Miwani”).