Since the end of 2020, the nehemia team has been working in the southern state of Telangana with the organization “7 Fruits Foundation”, which offers women, especially among the Dalits, new opportunities for a self-determined life in dignity and some independence.
Training as a seamstress is the first measure to support the women in their self-reliance by enabling them to live a life of greater economic, social and emotional independence and increasing the degree of personal freedom.

After the training, the women can become self-employed as tailors or seek appropriate employment. The income gives them a better standing in society and breaks the cycle of poverty and dependence.
The training itself lasts three months. In addition, the women are invited to participate in a mentoring and empowerment program designed to help them achieve personal healing, freedom and stability. Through this combination, women are empowered to escape the cycle of oppression and poverty, single mothers gain social security in aspects such as health, livelihood and child care, and young unmarried women are empowered to lead independent lives with dignity.

How to support
In November 2020, the first course started with ten participants. The women are motivated and enjoy learning, but appropriate resources are still lacking to make the course effective:

  • 30€: Donate basic training in dressmaking for a Dalit woman.
  • 80€: Pastoral care by a social worker for the women of a whole course
  • 100€: Sewing machine for the training of other women
  • 130€: Basic training + own sewing machine for one woman for immediate self-employment
  • 200€: Salary of the tailoring instructor for one course