With the initiative “Active Participation” we would like to make a small contribution to overcoming the current challenges through Corona and ask you to be actively involved. “Active participation” is one of the basic values of our nehemia team. We want to fill this value with life right now.

Markus Söder has said in his government declaration of 19.03.2020 that this global crisis is also a test of character for humanity. We also believe that it is important to show an attitude that puts humanity and mutual attentiveness in the center.

What does this mean in concrete terms? We ask you to call at least four people in the next few days (phone, Skype, WhatsApp etc.) and ask them about their current situation, their worries, fears and also joys. Two of these contacts should be people with whom you have not been in touch for a long time and who may be particularly affected by the current crisis situation (e.g. single parents, small businesses, artists, people with disabilities and their families, sick people, elderly people, restaurateurs, etc.). The other two calls could be to people from your close circle of friends. Here you can also show your interest by asking questions and additionally win other participants for this action. Of course you can also contact more than four people in this way, depending on your personal capacity.

What is the goal of this initiative? People feel your interest and experience concrete appreciation and it helps them to deal with this sometimes threatening situation and perhaps also lonely times a little better. Relationship bridges are improved or built from scratch and we can help people not to fall into social isolation. It is a small contribution of solidarity for a better togetherness in our society, which everyone can make with simple means.

We would be happy if YOU would join us and give us a short feedback of your experiences with this initiative. With pleasure by mail: office@nehemia-team.de. We would like to share some of these “stories” through our social channels to further encourage and inspire for the good.

Please share this initiative with your friends and help to create a positive chain reaction of active participation. Thanks a lot!

With kind regards

Your nehemia team Fürth