On December 4, 2015, a group of refugees accompanied by staff of the nehemiah Contact Café visited the mayor’s office in Nuremberg. They expressed their gratefulness for the way that they were received upon arrival and also informed about their current situation. Hamid Hassan told his story from fleeing Syria to find a new home and work here in Nuremberg. With the knowledge of German culture and language he has meanwhile acquired, he is now actively involved in caring for unaccompanied minors in a temporary refugee home and is himself fostering a teenage refugee boy.

Ali and Amira Alawi, a couple also from Syria, presented some home-made delicacies from their home country. Arsalan, who had to flee from Iran because he is a Christian, shared about his challenges to find work in spite of good qualifications. Nuria has a serious health condition, and was only able to start treatment  here in Germany. Her deep faith in God and gratitude for receiving help in Germany moved the hearts of all present at this occasion. In conclusion the refugees presented the deputy mayor, Mrs. Schuessler, with a bouquet of flowers in the city colors of Nuremberg. In return, she also expressed her appreciation for this special gesture of gratitude.