Many refugees have arrived here in Germany, which to them is a foreign country. They have partly learned the language or attended an integration course. And, although they can  manage daily life, some still feel unaccepted, lonely and as if they’re not a part of the society.  Basically they have difficulties understanding our “western” behavior patterns and moral concepts.

With this new project we would like to address this issue. Germans and immigrants who have a chance of staying in Germany are trained in different topics e.g. how to explain culture, life in Germany, voluntary service, and are then sent to refugee quarters and local initiatives as trainers.

Aim of this course is to get to know and understand the German culture and  the values behind it, open discussion about value conflicts, acquiring intercultural competence and communication skills, sociocultural awareness, the ability to reflect one’s own behavior patterns, as well as mediation in misunderstandings and conflict management.

Training topics:

  • Values for living together in Germany
  • Identifying and learning to utilize cultural differences
  • Typical cultural blunders and misunderstandings
  • Direct and indirect communication
  • Making decisions and conflict management
  • Dealing with rules and guidelines, different orientation of your conscience, guilt and honor orientated culture
  • Basic German law, Christian holidays, worldview and idea of man, equal rights of men and women
  • Refugees impact on the German society

Our training is designed for multiplicators. After attending you will be able to hold a workshop yourself (in refugee camps, contact cafés, resident groups for unattended under aged refugees etc. in cooperation with different social charities).