We are sorry to inform you that our dear friend and faithful co-worker Raja Sekhar Gudala passed away on 5 May 2021 at Rajahmundry Hospital at the age of 47 due to Covid-19 infection.


We are deeply saddened by the news. Raja was a faithful and dedicated worker in our Nehemiah International Network for such a long time. As a courageous pioneer, he built up a children’s center and a primary school in Rajahmundry in cooperation with the nehemiah team. His commitment and passion was directed towards the Dalits (the lowest caste in Indian society), to which he himself belonged – especially the children. Even the severe stroke his wife Ebba had suffered three years ago did not prevent him from continuing to work for the poorest, helpless and marginalised. He faithfully nursed his beloved Ebba, chauffeured the school bus, was a father figure to many children and took care of the needs of many pastors in the region. He was the visionary, the heart and the driving force behind so many activities to improve the lives of the Dalits around him.

Even though we can hardly comprehend what happened, Raja with his great humour, his hearty laughter, his mercy and his deep love and trust in Jesus remains not only in our memories but also a great role model. Especially in what it means as a human being and a Christian not to be content with one’s own well-being, but to take care of the challenges and needs in society and the people in a very practical way.

We will miss you, Raja.
Thank you for your friendship!

We want to continue to support the children’s center and all other projects as much as we can in the future.