It’s already two years since JointVenture began in the Fürther Kofferfabrik. The Nehemia Team regularly invites friends and interested people to these meetings. By getting to know others, exchanging ideas and being inspired, the Nehemia network is strengthened in the region of Franconia. Interaction between different generations is also important, as is contact between Christians from different denominations and churches. Special Guests from the International Nehemiah Network enrich these evenings, as do various public figures from the region. They allow us a look into their lives, their faith and their work. We also address current special-interest topics at these meetings. “Joint venture” implies ‘shared risks’ and this expresses something of what we in the Nehemia Team and our network of workers and friends want to achieve: to dare to do things together for God and our fellow-humans in this world – both near to home and far away. JointVenture offers a relaxed atmosphere where we can open up and communicate with one another.