In 1987 the hearts of a handful of young men and women associated with John MacFarlane and Hans Heidelberger were gripped by the dream of creating a way for Christians from different denominations and local churches to link up and work together. The nehemia team was established as a registered organization in Fuerth, (in Germany). In the beginning they were especially involved in networking of churches in their region and developing co-operative, inter-church projects in which different groups could offer complementary contributions to shared projects. Such connections built bridges of co-operation and understanding between many church groups and Christian ministries throughout the region of northern Bavaria.

While the focus of the nehemia team in the first ten years was mainly on their local region, in the 90s their involvement widened to an international level. Over the years that followed, a variety of aid and training projects were undertaken in many countries on all continents of the world. A number of organizations or projects were established in these places, all having similar goals and orientation. The involvement of John and Jean Krueger, who joined the nehemia team in 1993, was important in this.

Not only did the physical extent of our activities grow substantially, but so did the variety of projects. Involvement with the poor and needy grew extensively. What had begun with a dream in the minds of some young people had developed into something of such a size and diversity they had never dared to imagine. Tens of thousands of people in Germany and other places around the world have profited from it since then.