The Nehemia Team in the city of Nürnberg is currently looking for volunteers to help with their children’s and youth programs in the suburb of Gostenhof.  This part of the city is noted for its large number of foreigners, poverty, poor education, high unemployment and difficulties with language and integration into the wider society. Our workers are investing themselves there to offer children and families a new outlook in what is otherwise often a dreary social setting. Christian values are communicated, helping the young people to lead a responsible, meaningful life and grow in character. The multicultural GoKick children’s meeting begins at 4:30 p.m. every week on Thursday in the park, or in the gymnasium of the Preissler High School if the weather is bad. There are exciting games, singing and theme-related input. Usually, between 10-25 local children ages 5-12 attend.

Please contact us – we’d be glad to get to know you.