The nehemia team Fürth is a center for development and support of projects worldwide. As a resource center, the team accompanies pioneers and existing projects with training, coaching, financing opportunities, mentoring, business expertise and intercultural competence. In the Nuremberg metropolitan region, we also carry out our own projects.

Projects of nehemia team Fürth


Workshops, seminars, concerts or stays abroad – there are always many events the nehemia team invites you to. The focus is on personal development, civil society projects and breaking down one’s own boundaries. Information on current training courses, events and foreign assignments can be found here.


“GoKick” (Gostenhof Children’s Club) is an intercultural children’s meeting which focuses on experiential education in Nuremberg’s Gostenhof district.

It takes place every Thursday from 4:30 pm in Gostenhof at the Veit-Stoß-Platz or in the gym of the Johann-Daniel-Preißler-Schule.

Usually, 8 to 15 children aged between 5 and 12 come from families living in this part of town. This program is sponsored by the City of Nuremberg (Kreisjugendring Nürnberg).


Following the motto “WELCOME IN GERMANY” the contact café offers a platform where Germans and fugitives can get to know each other.
It takes place every Thursday, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, in co-operation with the Luther church at the Hasenbuck, Ingolstädter Straße 126 – youth cellar.

The offer is complemented by intercultural training, German conversation, a bicycle repair workshop and Arabic lessons for children.

Exploring Life

Exploring Life WG is a flat-sharing community that is about more than having a roof over your head. Together with the nehemia coaches, the residents find out what is relevant to them in life and which lifestyle suits them best. 


Coaching supports people in developing their individual capabilities. In this context, the nehemia team promotes the discovery of one’s own potential in order to implement it independently in one’s own life practice. With committed people and groups of people, specific possible solutions are developed which bring about a lasting change in their life reality.

Small Business Development

The best help is often to enable people to become independent. Together with its partners, the nehemia team develops tailor-made small business plans and accompanies them step by step through their implementation. In recent years, companies such as Fair Trade Pfefferhandel from Borneo and a bakery in Kenya have emerged.

Vulnerable Refugees

Admission programme for particularly vulnerable fugitives “Fresh start in a team” (NesT) 

The nehemia team wants to enable these refugees to make a new start and to have a life in freedom and security by helping them to be admitted to Germany.

Intercultural Training

The goal of our intercultural training is to understand people from other cultures. The target groups are Germans who work with people from a migrant background as well as people who themselves have a refugee background.

It is possible to order our intercultural training material directly from nehemia team e.V. for a fee after signing a user agreement.

News from Germany

Rumble Through The Jungle

Rumble Through The Jungle

In September, a team with Hans Heidelberger, Florentina Kuhs, Peter Friedrich, Jonathan Ziegler and Niels Brande (Denmark) set up to visit the Montessori kindergartens of the nehemia team   with the Dayaks in various villages in the jungle and to create photo and...

Intercultural Children’s Holiday Program

Intercultural Children’s Holiday Program

We were a colorful, amazing group: 9 staff: from the YMCA, the nehemia team and from churches, in addition some extra cooks and approximately 20 kids, mostly with migration background. We asked the children: Which language do you speak at home? German, Polish,...

YMCA Leutershausen Journey Where the Pepper Grows 

YMCA Leutershausen Journey Where the Pepper Grows 

In August a team of young people from the YMCA in Leutershausen (Heidi‘s home town) visited Borneo. Every one of them was involved last year helping with the charity bike race and wanted to get to know the place where Wolfgang and Heidi Oelschlegel and the Nehemiah...

Event Day with ‘GoKick’ 

Event Day with ‘GoKick’ 

As part of their studies four prospective social workers were able to set up an event day with ‘GoKick’. For the kids as well as the staff this was a welcome change to the routine weekly meetings. The highly motivated children and workers created nature pictures made...

A New Start for Exploring Life’s Living Community 

A New Start for Exploring Life’s Living Community 

With a wonderful new team, consisting of four young adults, ages 20-24, a new season has begun for Exploring Life’s living community. Since October 2017, the students with various courses of studies (civil engineering, applied chemistry, interior design and social...

Electricity for Burkina Faso!

Electricity for Burkina Faso!

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world. Only a very small percentage of the population has access to electricity. Many people therefore lack an essential prerequisite for the self-responsible improvement of one's own life situation. Within the...