Your life is perhaps the most valuable gift that God has given you. What are you doing with that gift? What are you doing with the dreams, potential and talents God gave you? How do you handle disappointments, challenges and crises? What are making of your life? Many young people are seeking their place in life. This requires discovering their personal gifts and strengths and trying them out, just as much as gaining an understanding of God’s plan for the world and their personal purpose. Grappling with the needs and problems this world faces is also a part of the process. Often we have experienced disappointments and hurts, leading to broken relationships and an inability to trust others. These things hinder our ability to find our place in life. Add to that a lack of supportive relationships and a lack of self-management skills – the challenges are many!

This is where Exploring Life comes in. Within a balanced and holistic life-training program over an extended period, it offers young people a unique opportunity to lay a solid and balanced foundation for life, and to seek and take their proper role in life. Guided and inspired by Jesus, the participants gain a positive perspective for their lives. They are led to grow in personal responsibility, to develop a new quality of life, to strengthen their social, character and spiritual skills. This includes taking a responsible role in society. In this way they build a durable, strong foundation for their own lives.

We offer specific opportunities to be involved in local projects with the Nehemia Team and offer Discovery Trips to other cultures, aiming to broaden participants’ personal horizons. The target group: young people between 18 and 30 years of age who are motivated to develop their own personalities, gifts, faith and character.

Exploring Life….

  • Motivates you to take your dreams seriously
  • Provides an opportunity to work on your own personality
  • Helps deal with areas of spiritual need
  • Challenges you to become involved in dealing with the needs of this world
  • Promotes self-management
  • Encourages steps that really go forward, rather than in circles
  • Creates opportunities to get to know God in more depth
  • Builds bridges between generations
  • Develops social skills