The nehemia team supports the work of the educational initiative PRECE in Brazil, which disseminates the methods of cooperative and solidary learning in the country.

Projects of the nehemia team in Brazil


PRECE is an educational movement in the Sertão in which young people  learn in cooperative units, develop their potential and actively take their future and that of their region into their own hands. Today PRECE works mainly in the public school system. Starting from its state model school EEEP Alan Pinho Tabosa, part of the Ashoka network of Changemaker Schools, PRECE reforms public schools from the inside out through the method of cooperative and solidary learning. The nehemia team supports this work locally through its colleague Julia Hildmann.

News from Brasilien


The term cooperative learning stands for a strategy where in teams students endeavour to reach common goals through reciprocal learning and teaching. The contribution of each individual is important here. Social competency, individual responsibility and...

PRECE – a movement changes the region

1994, Brazil’s dry savanna. In the poorest region of the country seven young people meet – with no work, no school-leaving certificate and thus no life prospects – in an old, deserted mill in order to take their lives and their dreams in hand together. Inspired by...

I have a dream

Rather than start yet another project in Brazil's urban slums, what if we developed rural areas by partnering with former rural dwellers, giving young people perspective in their region and revived lost dreams? My name is Julia Hildmann,  I am 28 years old and I...