The NGO neemiya Ukraine is strongly committed to the development of the whole region. The main focus is on children and young people, especially orphans, children from poor backgrounds or with special needs, Roma and currently also fugitives.

The website of the Ukrainian nehemia team can be found here: 

Capital: Kiew
Size: 603,700 sq qkm
Population: ca. 46 Mio.
Location: Uzhgorod
Team Leader Tetiana Machabeli
Language: Ukrainian

Aid Projects of NGO neemiya Ukraine


Every year, over 1,400 children take part in the multi-day Explorer Camps in summer, where children and young people are supported in their personal development and encouraged in a playful way.


The first Montessori kindergarten in the region not only promotes the spiritual and social development of the individual children, but also focuses on early character training and the individual support of individual interests and talents. 


Many war refugees from the east of the country come to the region around Uzhgorod. Their accompaniment, support and integration have become increasingly important in recent years.


In Ukraine, children with an increased need for support receive only limited state support. The team in Uzhgorod helps affected families through support and training and promotes the inclusion of children in everyday social life. 

Competence Training

The nehemia center is used all year round for training courses and seminarsWe focus on offers for parents of children with an increased need for support, training for foster families and people who work or live with orphans. There are also pedagogical training courses and advanced training courses for employees and leaders of church congregations.


With the support of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the first inclusive primary school in the region is being built, based on Montessori pedagogy methods. 

Aid for Orphans

“Transcarpathia without orphans” is the name of the project that is working to make orphanages superfluous in the region. Instead, orphans are integrated into foster families, which are accompanied, trained and supported over the years. 

News from Ukraine

Transcarpathia without Orphans

Transcarpathia without Orphans

Orphans here are generally released from the state-run orphanages at age 16. For several years now, the Ukrainian Nehemiah Team has been caring for such young people and has been able to prevent many from slipping into prostitution or criminality. It is as important...

Kids Camps – Sport, Games, Fun and Input

Kids Camps – Sport, Games, Fun and Input

During the Ukrainian summer holidays, the Nehemiah Training Centre offers many different activities for children and young people. There is an especially huge demand for the Kids Camps. They offer children and teenagers from the Uzhgorod region an opportunity to...

Montessori Kindergartens

Montessori Kindergartens

Under the expert training and guidance of Carri MacFarlane, a kindergarten has been established in the Nehemiah Training Centre, operating based on the methods of Maria Montessori. A school is in the planning stages as well. There is a great deal of interest in this...

Helping Refugees in the Ukraine

Helping Refugees in the Ukraine

Many thousands of people have had to flee the conflict in east Ukraine – the great majority of them to west Ukraine. The Ukrainian Nehemiah Team were among the first organisations around Uzhgorod to accept refugees. In spring 2014 they opened the doors of the Nehemiah...

Help for the Gypsies

Help for the Gypsies

In and around Uzhgorod are many Romani (“gypsy”) settlements. The Romani often live an isolated, underprivileged existence, as they do in other parts of south-east Europe, treated by many as outsiders to be avoided. The Ukrainian Nehemiah Team is concerned about the...