In India, the caste system still prevails, with the Dalits at the bottom of the caste system. They often live in clay or straw huts, on the outskirts of the city or on the streets. The nehemia team India works primarily on educational opportunities for these people, who are often excluded from society.

Capital: New Delhi
Size: 3,287,000 sq qkm
Population: ca. 1.3 B
Location: Rajamundhry
Team Leader Raja Sekar Gudala
Language: Telugu

Aid Projects of nehemia team India

Children’s Center

In the nehemia children’s center around 30 children (mostly Dalits) have found a new home where they can develop their personality and be educated. In the meantime, a kindergarten has also been set up in the centre. 

Small Business Development

The nehemia team India offers sewing lessons for widows. Here up to eight widows learn how to handle fabrics and sewing machines.The duration of the training is six months and it is free of charge. The aim is for the widows to be able to run a microbusiness from home. School uniforms and simple articles of clothing are to be produced. Those who have completed the training are provided with a sewing machine as basic equipment.


The nehemia team India has opened its first school in India.145 children now have the opportunity to visit the school from Monday to Saturday. It is located in an extension of the children’s centre. Most of them are Dalit children (casteless). The few students who belong to families of higher castes have one thing in common with them: the poverty of their families.


Especially for “Dalit children” a sponsorship provides food, accommodation, clothing, school education and medical care. Adolescents can stay in the nehemia center until they reach the age of 18. Until then, they have usually also completed vocational training, so that from then on they can lead their lives independently.

Competence Training

Various training courses and seminars for employees and leaders of church congregations take place throughout the year.

News from India

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Dalits – The Untouchables of Indian Society

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Children with a Future – The Nehemiah Children’s Centre

Children with a Future – The Nehemiah Children’s Centre

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