Our Values


Our activities impact a wide range of aspects of personal and public life. Our involvement is therefore not limited to Christian churches, but is also geared towards the needs of society as a whole. At the same time, our focus remains on the individual person with all his or her physical, emotional and spiritual needs.



Our work stems from and fosters healthy relationships based on mutual trust, esteem and respect. In an atmosphere of mutual openness and authenticity, others can get to know us and what motivates us. We value teamwork in our projects. We also strive to be sensitive to cultural differences.


Active Involvement

As we become actively involved, we confront pain, poverty, discrimination and social injustice by investing in young people, valuing and encouraging them, fostering their growth and sharing their concerns. We strive to find creative solutions for the needs of this world.



We are ready to try new things in our work. A pioneer spirit, which is courageous and willing to inspire and initiate change, is welcome among us. We are ready and eager to leave familiar pathways.



Together we can succeed where, individually, we fail. Recognising our personal limits, we seek to enhance our potential, internationally and cross-culturally, through the Nehemiah International Network and beyond. We welcome co-operation with other organisations.